Why choose us?

  • Free diagnostics
  • Free consultation
  • Free collection of order
  • High success rate
  • Express data recovery possible
  • No success, no payment
  • Competitive prices
  • Discounts for students, seniors and disabled people
  • Discounts for business partners

About Exalab data recovery

Exalab data recovery deals with data recovery since 2006 in Luxembourg and other European countries

Exalab data recovery is a brand run by Microshop, S.à r.l.. Microshop, S.à r.l. is a Luxembourg based company that specializes in data recovery services. Luxembourg was chosen for its strategic geographic location in the heart of Europe that allows us to serve customers from Luxembourg, France, Germany, Belgium as well as the Netherlands. As we believe that a satisfied customer is the key element to our success, we always strive to work hard and to deliver quality services. Our services have been used not only by large corporations & government organizations but also by small companies & individuals. The non-exhaustive list of satisfied customers can be found in our reference section. You can get our contact information here. Information about sister companies is available here.

Microshop Worldwide

Microshop Group consists of 3 different legal entities incorporated in 3 geographical regions. These companies not only cover different locations but they also focus on different fields of IT. Close cooperation between the independent companies brings synergy & competitive advantage. Based on the positive effects, expansion to other regions in Europe & Asia is on the way.

Microshop, S.à r.l.
based in Luxembourg
covering Benelux area, France & Germany
specializing in Data recovery services

Microshop, s.r.o.
based in Prague, Czech Republic
covering Central Europe
specializing in System integration, solution providing & software development, imports of IT, wholesale of HW & SW

Microshop, L.L.C.
based in Delaware, United States
covering U.S. & Canada
specializing in exports & IT brokerage

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