Why choose us?

  • Free diagnostics
  • Free consultation
  • Free collection of order
  • High success rate
  • Express data recovery possible
  • No success, no payment
  • Competitive prices
  • Discounts for students, seniors and disabled people
  • Discounts for business partners

SSD Data Recovery

Our SSD data recovery success rate has been around 80-90% in the long term.

Our SSD data recovery success rate has been around 80-90% in the long term. We use state-of-the-art technologies to recover data from SSDs and our trained team of data recovery engineers is available to help you.

When problems with SSD are first detected:

  • Turn off the device(PC, laptop, NAS...)
  • Do not try to turn on the drive again (read or write data)
  • In the case of a mechanically damaged SSD, do not connect the SSD again, do not risk improper attempts to gain access to data
  • Use our FREE diagnostics.

Approximate price according to SSD damage

If you know what happened to the disk and you are able to assess its status according to the basic diagnostics procedures, you can approximately determine the cost of data recovery services that we provide.

However, if you do not know what kind of symptoms the drive has, or if the data is simply inaccessible, then it is better to use our free diagnostics. We can also handle basic diagnostics over the phone.

- Operating system not running
- Operating system reporting the need to drive repair
- Random / unintended restarts
- Application failure or freezing


  • wear in time
  • manufacturing defect


- Incorrect or no SSD Initialization in Operating System or Bios
- SSD capacity Incorrectly Displayed


  • defective controller
  • firmware error


- Data is unavailable, but the SSD is reported normally
- Slow data loading


  • operating system failure
  • data accidentally deleted by user
  • computer virus
  • hardware defect (notebook, computer ...)


SSD mechanical damage


  • drive break
  • fall to the ground
  • pressure applied to the drive, etc.


The possibility of data recovery depends, among other things, on the type of SSD controller, data encryption used by the user, presence of mechanical damage, etc. We will inform you of the type of defect and the price quotation after free diagnostics. We perform data recovery from SSD in our specialized laboratory and your data is always being taken care of by trained professionals.

Confirmation of a defect for your insurance company

Is your data insured? Before you confirm your order, we will provide you with a “fault report” to have your data rescue approved by your insurance company before you confirm your order.

Feel free to contact us for any initial diagnostic or data recovery

We will find the cause of any data loss and inform you of the chances of data recovery and its final price.

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