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Bullet SSD - pocket SSD increases mobile devices capacity

Will Pocket SSD replace current USB flash drives? Data recovery from SSD might probably be even more complicated.

Nowadays most notebook components (including SSDs) are soldered to the motherboard and therefore cannot be upgraded. Not to mention recovering data from these integrated SSDs. Thus, we can only rely on the manufacturer's configuration. However, we could solve this by buying e.g. a miniature external SSD.

An issue with the inability to upgrade SSDs on modern laptops and other devices, might be solved by drives such as the recently introduced Bullet SSD, which according to the manufacturer is the world's smallest high-speed portable external hard drive.

Despite its small size, the speed potential of SSDs remains the same. With a size of 51 × 16 × 8 mm and a weight of only 18 g, it easily compares to conventional USB flash drives. However, the speed of reading and writing is much higher, as stated in the promotional material of the disc. The Bullet SSD uses TLC NAND to store data and is equipped with a USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 connector to achieve consistent maximum transfer rates of 500 MB/s. Again, the parameters are listed in the promotional material.

Mobility, durability, speed of 500 MB/s and USB-C 3.2 Gen 2

It is worth mentioning that the Bullet SSD product is a project of several entrepreneurs who are using kickstarter.com to launch a product they think the market misses, even if similar discs, although with not such a miniaturization degree and such a robust construction, are currently offered, for example, by Samsung, more specifically the Samsung T5. Another competitor is Verbatim Vx500, which with its dimensions of 92 × 29 × 9 mm and weight of 29 g Bullet SSD comes even closer.

The advantage of Bullet SSD is therefore a really small design size, with transfer rates corresponding to today's standards for cheaper SSD and perhaps even more affordable prices.

Launch to the market?

Whether and when Bullet SSD reaches the market is only a question of time. Anyway, it already has competition and this article was created rather as a reflection on the type of SSD to choose. We certainly will revert to this topic in the future.

Recommendations to conclude: backing up data means having a backup copy

It sounds logical, but many people “back up” their data by simply moving it to an external drive, whether it is a classic hard disk (HDD), SSD or flash drive. Then something goes wrong and instead of recovering data from backup, they are looking for options to recover data from their damaged drive. SSD data recovery is often more complicated than with conventional hard drives. Do therefore not underestimate the backup, whether using just Bullet SSD or any other data medium.

Do you have a question or need to recover your data ? Do not hesitate to contact us ! We will do everything in our power to help you. We offer data recovery and recovery not only from SSDs, but also from any other type of storage media in Luxembourg and abroad.

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